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Lapiary Glues

Hot Stuff

NCF Accelerator

Ultra-Super Solvent


FDA Craft E-6000

220 & 330 Adhesive Cement

Opticon 224 Fracture Sealer

Attack Solvent



Glues For Whatever You Need To Stick Together

 Red Label HOT STUFF   Black-OrangeSUPER T   Green Label SPECIAL T

Industrial Strength: A very pure form of cyanoacrylate (instant glue). Oil is not added to lengthen shelf life (as many products do). You get SUPERIOR Bonds with Hot Stuff adhesives. Hot Stuff remains clear and will buff up to a high polish using the same things you use on gemstones. And yes Hot Stuff has real good shear strength.

Uses are mounting stones, fossil preparation, inlay, crack repair, doping cabs and faceted stones, repairing crystals, filling small holes in stone, treating porous gems and countless other applications.

STORAGE: Place new, Unopened bottles in the Freezer at or below 32° F. for extended shelf life. 

Red LabelHOT STUFFtm

Thin, like water for exact fit or deep penetration.


2 oz.

1/2 oz.

1/4 oz.

Black-OrangeSUPER Ttm

Thick, like syrup for filling minor gaps.

Black-Orange Label SUPER T

2 oz.

1/2 oz. 

1/4 oz.

Green Label SPECIAL Ttm

Real thick for filling large gaps, doesn't run.

Green Label SPECIAL T

2 oz.


NCF Acceleratortm

A bond accelerator for all cyanoacrylate adhesives, including Hot Stuff. Can be used before or after adhesive is applied. Especially useful when more than a drop or 2 of hot stuff is needed, as cyanoacrylate does not bond quickly in larger quantities. One spritz from the spray pump bottle is all that is needed.On close fitting parts, apply adhesive, then spray edge and NCF will cause a chain reaction bond to occur. Use very small quantities  to avoid causing the adhesive to turn white, and for economy.

NCF Accelerator (mild)

2 oz. 

4.9 oz.

18 oz.

Ultra-Super Solvent

Cleanly breaks all cyanoacrylate adhesive bonds, Hot Stuff, super glue, crazy glue etc. Use for dop removal, glued fingers, spills, cleanup and  mistakes....and it Works Fast!! 100% nitromethane. Just a small amount is all that's needed.

Ultra-Super Solvent  2 oz.

Replacement applicator tubes (pkg/10)

Replacement Tips - small (pkg/2)

Replacement Tips - large   (pkg/2)

Replacement Spray Pumps (pkg/2)

Pro Tips (pkg 12)


Dries in just 5 minutes. Waterproof bond holds a ton per square inch. Versatile for a great many jobs


two 1/2 oz. tubes (1 pkg)     or    Syringe package


FDA Craft Technologies

Part Number

E-6000 Specialty Glue


LOCTITE 349 is a single component, medium viscosity adhesive.  It is optically clear and is a UV adhesive.  Primarily designed for glass bonding, LOCTITE 349 is great for all translucent facetting bonding uses!  (Loctite 349 works best when bonding transluscent and non-opaque stones to surfaces.)

Available in 1.69 Fl. Oz. bottles


Hughes Associates Glues



Epoxy 220 or 330 Adhesive Cement **

1 fl oz set in metal tubes


8 fl oz set Two 4oz Plastic Bottles


16 fl oz set Two 8 oz Plastic Bottles

Opticon 224® Fracture Sealer **

9 oz set in Plastic Bottles. 8 oz Resin & 1 oz hardener

Attack® - Solvent for cured epoxy and instant adhesives.

1/2 Pint (8 oz) in Metal Can


1/2 Gallons in Metal Can



** Special Orders

Special orders of Epoxy 220, Epoxy 330 and Opticon 224® in larger containers are available. Call for pricing. Allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery.

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